Harriet Taylor


The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart | Live Review

To help suppress those Glastonbury blues, many non-attendees of the festival could be found down at The Fleece this past Sunday night to see New York’s The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

All We Are ‘Feel Safe’ | Single Review

All We Are, despite their namesake, are not an easy band to pinpoint, but it's clear that their sophomore single ‘Feel Safe’ is every bit as charming as the previous effort.

Angel Olsen | Live Review

With a lauded second album under her belt, a sold out show from Angel Olsen in Bristol’s Lantern was nothing but expected. Though first we must venture up the heights of Park Street for an intimate set a Rise Records.

Oneohtrix Point Never | Live Review

On yet another glorious Sunday evening, the Oneohtrix show at the Arnolfini along the Harbourside seemed the place to be. It promised a captivating night of audio-visual entertainment in one of Bristol’s most cultural surroundings.

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks ‘Enter The Slasher House’ | Album Review

Slasher House is an album that could have been great, but just misses the bar. Its greatest fault lies in its limited scope.

Boxcar Aldous Huxley ‘Telegrams Elapsing’ | Album Review

‘Telegrams Elapsing’, is a moderately short collection of six dystopian waltzes, with a slight nod to the progress Boxcar Aldous Huxley have consciously foregone in favour of traditional instrumentation.

Swans | Live Review

Swans are a band whose reputation often precedes them. Through their lengthy career, which has seen both the dissolution and reformation of the band in a distinctly new line-up, the line between fact and fiction has blurred considerably. They return to Bristol with a soul destroying intensity.

Howling Bells | Interview

London-based Howling Bells have gone through a series of profound transformations. Riding in on the wave of a creative impulse, their fourth album, ‘Heartstrings’ is set to grace the shelves of record stores worldwide in early June. We caught up with them to discuss the new record.

Oneohtrix Point Never | Preview

There isn’t really another way to describe this show at the Arnolfini than as a performance art piece – certainly, a gig like no other; an evening of mind-expanding, auteur electronics, celestial harmonies, and ghostly new age experimentation.

Eels | Preview

Unlike their last show in Bristol when they played a lively rock ’n’ roll oriented set at the O2 Academy, Eels visit to Colston Hall looks to be a more vulnerable and intimate affair.



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