Elfyn Griffith


Garbage | Live Review & Photoset

"A blast from the past that passes the test of time." See what else Elfyn Griffith has to say about the visit of Garbage to Ashton Gate this week.

Garbage | Live Preview

Garbage are coming. Expect a psychocandy of inescapable rhythms and hooks, Shirley Manson’s vocals leading the tuneful maelstrom. Elfyn Grifith previews.

Echo & The Bunnymen | Live Review & Photoset

The Skyline Series commenced with a triple-bill of British legends, headlined by Echo & The Bunnymen. Elfyn Griffiths revews. Photos by Jess Greenwood.

Echo & The Bunnymen | Live Preview

The Skyline Series brings Echo & The Bunnymen to the Harbourside this Friday, flanked by The Jesus & Mary Chain and Peter Hook & The Light. Elfyn Griffiths previews.

Tigran Hamasyan | Live Review

Tigran Hamasyan
"The cinematic quality of his music, with its rich textures and layers, is addictive." Elfyn Griffith gets his fix of Tigran Hamasyan at St George's.

Tigran Hamasaysan | Live Preview

Tigran Hamasyan
Six years ago, Tigran Hamasayan made his St George’s debut, leaving the audience stunned at his talent. Elfyn Griffith looks forward to his return.

The Mekons 77 | Live Review

Mekons 77
The Mekons 77 are that brief return to the gloriously jagged political punk of their early years for a short tour following that reform at their Mekonville festival in Ipswich last year. Elfyn Griffiths reviews.

The Mekons | Live Preview

The Mekons play The Exchange on Wednesday night. Expect a smorgasbord of styles, sharp, angular rhythms, a punk ethos and sturdy left wing politics. Elfyn Griffiths previews.

Calexico | Live Review

The swirl of dust from the arid desert floor, the crack of dry gulch and the buzzard’s cry came to The Colston Hall, through Tex-Mex Americana troubadours, Calexico. Elfyn Griffith reviews.